We are a diverse Marine Group providing Engineering Management Services, Project Management and Consulting Services to the Commercial and Passenger Vessel Industry.

Our staff of United States Coast Guard Licensed Marine Engineers have hands on Experience in Vessel Operations, Shipyard Management, Project Planning, Port Engineering Services and Vessel Maintenance.

We also provide Purchasing, Logistics and Expediting Services.
Our purchasing Staff has the experience with machinery, mechanical components, electrical and deck related equipment and handling the transportation to insure on-time deliveries and being cost effective.

We Specialize In: 

  • Maritime Technical Support
  • Vessel & Shoreside Operations 
  • Port Engineering Services
  • Purchasing, Logistics and Expediting
  • Pre-Plan Projects
  • Prepare Budgets and Estimates
  • Develop Specifications
  • Dry-Docking Projects and Supervision

Regulatory Surveys Safety, ISM, Quality and Environmental Requirements
Oil Pollution Plans-SOPEP