Port Engineering Services

All Ocean Services Provides Services for the Safe, Efficient, Economical and Reliable Operation of Vessels with particular focus on assuring continued Performance of all Onboard Equipment and Systems. Close liaison with Vessel's Senior Officers, Clients Office Staff Members, ABS, DNV, BV, Lloyd's and USCG Personnel and other Regulatory Agencies.

Monitoring Parts and Material acquisitions and overseeing Planned, as well as Emergent, Maintenance and Repair Activities.
Review Vessel Reports to Monitor Operating Conditions and Efficiency.
Review all Maintenance and Engine Logs to insure that Company Policies and Procedures are being followed in terms of Equipment Maintenance and Inspections.
Assist in Preparation of Repair Projects and Dry Dock Budgets.
Develop and prepare Project Specifications and Ship Yard Work Packages.
Conduct Bidders Conference-obtain and evaluate Bids and schedules.
Coordinates the Project or Dry Docking, including the ordering of Materials, Equipment, Scheduling Technical Representatives or Specialists, Providing Specifications for quotations. Recommendation of Vendors, Dry Dock Facilities, and on site Management of Projects. Provide Cost Accounting Records and Reports to Clients Staff. 
Negotiate Change Orders.
Coordinate Regulatory Inspections and Surveys with ABS, DNV, BV, lloyd's and USCG.