Purchasing - Logistics - Expediting

Our Purchasing Group of Commercial Buyers and Expeditiers was originally formed to provide Professional Purchasing, Logistics and Field Expediting Services. We Support and Service Companies Operating in Alaska, Hawaii, Pacific Rim, Eastern and Western Coasts and Gulf Coast of the United States. Along with West and East Coasts of Africa and the Middle East in the Oil and Gas Industry.  We Represent your Interests as though they were our Own.


We Supply the Exact Materials, Marine and Industrial Machinery, Mechanical Components, HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment, Electrical, Piping and Fittings, Consumables and safety related items. You share the results of our cost effective volume buying.


We arrange hassle-free Transportation for all your Materials to even the most Remote Locations. Our Transportation Experience insures lower shipping costs. Lost time due to missing materials can affect your profitability. We minimize this loss.


We follow-up on your contracts and orders to insure on-time delivery and uninterrupted job progress. Field Expediting can be expensive when you send your own personnel. We supply this Cost-Effective Service. Use our Seattle Based Staff....we work when you work, without the overhead.

Services: Improve Efficiency - Save Time - Reduce Risks - Save Money

We can provide Services with Developing Equipment Name Plate Data, Inventory and Maintenance History.
Assist with Vessel Spare Parts, Requistions and Purchase Orders.

Our Staff

Is made up of Trained Purchasing Professionals with Extensive Marine Experience. Our Purchasing Manager has over Fifteen Years Experience with Major Ship Yards and is also a Licensed Marine Engineer-Steam-Motor and Gas Turbine, any Horse Power.

We look Forward to getting What you Need, When you Want it.