Vessel Maintenance and Conversion Planning is often accomplished on a time avaiable or eleventh hour basis. The usual result is Cost Overruns and the trauma of late Equipment Deliveries and other last minute details.

In recent years All Ocean Services has provided Owner's Technical Representation as well as Marine Engineering Support for Repairs, Conversion and Construction Projects.

Based upon this experience, Engineering Management Services-EMS is introduced to provide specific assistance to Owners formulating Plans and Developing Budgets for particular Projects and Maintenance Programs. Our Staff has hands on Experience in Ship Yard Management, Project Planning, Vessel Maintenance and Inspections.

EMS Objectives

Reduce Down Time
Reduce Project Costs
Develop Maintenance Planning

EMS Performs

Investigate Problem Areas
Pre-plan Projects and Budgets
Prepare Job Specifications
Insure Specifications Compliance
Provide Project Records
Provide future Maintenance Recommendations
Develop Maintenance and Inspection Schedules

Pre-Project Phase

Review Projects and Prepare Recommendations
Prepare Plans, Specifications and Review Contracts
Prepare Project Scope and Budget Estimates
Coduct Bidders Conference
Obtain and evaluate Bids and Schedules
Assist with Contract Negotiations
Prepare Owner Furnished Equipment Specifications
Insure Compliance With Regulatory Agencies

Project Monitoring Phase

Review the Project With the Contractor
Review Contractor's purchase Orders and Plans
Maintain Periodic Work Inspections
Provide Inspections and Progress Reports
Evaluate Proposed Change Orders
Monitor Physical Progress and Compliance

Post-Project Phase

Provide Summary of Completed Work
Provide Record of Equipment Data
Provide Recommendations for Future Items

Non-Project Services

Prepare Practical Maintenance and Inspection Schedules
Prepare Spare Parts Recommendations
Assist with Interpertation of Government Regulations
Individual Elements of Sevices Offered can be Tailored to Suit the Actual Requirements of each Owner